OABC BC5 is designed for prone breast cancer treatment.

·        Placing the patient on the OABC BC5 exploits gravity to increase separation of breast and regional lymph nodes from critical organs at risk. This means that radiation exposure of the heart, lung and surrounding healthy tissue may also be minimized by prone irradiation in the settings of thoracic wall + regional lymph node regions or of regional lymph nodes alone.

·        OABC BC5 application range includes whole breast, partial breast and breast- and regional lymph node radiotherapy.

·        Radiation beams have open access to the breast and regional lymph nodes without couch interference to secure build-up in skin and minimize scattering 


·        OABC BC5 exposes the patient’s breast, shoulder and upper sternal regions thereby providing excellent non-coplanar access to the breast and regional lymph nodes including the medial quadrants and the internal mammary chain (left panel of figure).

·        Open access facilitates precise positioning by floor laser projection directly on the skin overlaying the target region (schematic drawing in the right panel of figure).