The OABC is a patented medical device, which supports patients in prone crawl position. The scope of application includes partial breast, whole breast and regional lymph node radiotherapy. OABC offers the largest range of coplanar and non-coplanar open beam access on the market and is designed to combine deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) with prone position.


OABC BC5 is designed for prone breast cancer treatment. • Placing the patient on the OABC BC5 exploits gravity to increase separation of breast and regional lymph nodes from critical organs at risk. This means that radiation exposure of the heart, lung and surrounding healthy tissue may also be minimized by prone irradiation in the settings of thoracic wall + regional lymph node regions or of regional lymph nodes alone.


5 groups of accessories are described OABC locking , OABC elevation, breast retracting, comfort enhancing DIBH, skin contact accessories. Discover the various accessories that strongly enhance OABC usage.All accessories are co-developed with Radion-D's research partners and comply with Radion-D's quality standards. Click "read more" to find out more about the different accessories.

Prone Training

Supine is the standard treatment at the moment, used by the majority of centers. Prone is used in very few centers, despite its known advantages (see this website resources/publications for more information).

Research support & innovation

We are experienced in research support. With references in UZ Ghent, New Bordet and CHU Namur. We also support you towards requests for prone funds and grants, towards public or private entities.