Unique market position

The OABC BC4 is a patented medical device, which supports patients in prone crawl position. The scope of application includes partial breast, whole breast and regional lymph node radiotherapy. OABC BC4 offers the largest range of coplanar and non-coplanar open beam access on the market and is designed to combine deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) with prone position.




The OABC is provided as a completely assembled unit for left-side breast cancer radiotherapy. A build-in pedestal, raises the patient at mid-sternum approximately 17.5 cm above the zero position of the couch surface of a CT-simulator couch.

OABC BC4 Right

DIBH is usually associated with radiation at the left side to lower heart dose. However, when irradiation of the internal memory lymph node chain is indicated, advantages of combining DIBH with irradiation at he right side were shown.

Storage rolling rack

A custom made rolling rack (dolly) is available for storage of OABC and its accessories. It uses a floor space of 85 cm x 66 cm and has a height of 173.5 cm when carrying one or two OABCes. The dolly functions also as a backbone for packaging and transport.