Storage rolling rack

A custom made rolling rack (dolly) is available for storage of OABC and its accessories. It uses a floor space of 85 cm x 66 cm and has a height of 173.5 cm when carrying one or two OABCes. The dolly functions also as a backbone for packaging and transport.”

For transport purposes, one or two OABCes and accessories are individually wrapped in air chamber plastic foil and strapped on the dolly. The assembly of the dolly, after removal of its wheels, is placed on a pallet with a surface area of 850mmx660mm. A wooden frame is built on the pallet. Solid plywood plates are fastened on the frame to close the box. The figure gives an impression of the dolly, OABC on the dolly and the packaging process. The box is transported in vertical position. The distributor unpacks the OABCs, accessories and dolly and recovers the packaging material. Hence, the distributor delivers the OABC as fully assembled units, stored on a dolly and ready for use.

Legend. A. Dolly; B. Position of 2 OABCes (not shown in full detail) on the dolly. C. Frame mounted on pallet hosting dolly, OABC and accessories
(not shown). The top plate is mounted on the frame. D. Visual aspect after fastening the side plates to the frame.